The Quilt Life

The seams of our life are sewn together with the thread of hope. Made of a caring fiber from small bits of life patched together like a fine made quilt. Each meeting is a chapter interpreted by the embroidering of our souls into this complex fabric. As time makes the fabric available the quilt will be finished and used to warm the memories of our time together.

If the fabric has been made of thin threads then it will not keep the cool winds of time from piercing the blanket and cooling the heart. We choose the strongest threads made of joy, caring, friendship, and physical presence.

These threads will weave the quilt so that the memories will always keep the warm through the long cold times when we are apart. And when we come together we will share this quilt of our patched life in the night.

When others strain to see us wrapped in this wonderful blanket, they will only see one form. One body bound as one with the fabric of our time together like the quilt of life.