Hand of a Friend

When do we know we have true friends who care.

          A person who is down will always share.

But a true friend will listen to your whispers and shed tears of the heart

          They know how you're feeling before you even start

They know when you're down so they call just to say Hi.

          They are willing to comfort you and not question why.

You see friends are a bonding, a type of bearing of the soul

          It's a clan of the spirit that we need to be whole

True friends can not be bought or tempted with worth

          But they can be fermented with stories from adulthood to birth.

We all have a need that swells within our spirit.

          Its unconditional love, and we risk all to be near it.

 Are past is gone forever in just the blink of an eye.

          You can never go back to yesterday no matter how you try.

You see this gift of friendship is not something you buy or sell.

          It is earned through love and compassion when friends go through hell.

This care for one another is different than blood or kin.

          It is a bond of the soul, when you know where someone else has been.

So when you're scared of tomorrow and you feel life is unfair.

          Put your hands together, and I'll slip mine in there.

We all will pull together, your family and this friend.

          And let God take the reins until we see it to the end.

And when you look back on your life and you can see where you have been.

          You'll take hold of the hands of your family, and I'll be there to slip mine in.