Day Dreams (01/04/2002)

I came upon a small steam still coated with a thin layer of ice. As I touched the ice with my shoe it crazed into a spider web of cracks. A small fish pierced the jagged water with its lips and took in a breath of air. As it turned to swim away I saw its eye as it looked upon me. Then it swam away leaving a wave of frozen shards. I thought about what it would have done with out me changing it's life. I sat on a rock and closed my eyes. A chill of the breeze kissed my back where my skin could taste its bite.

I twisted my jacket down and turtled into my hood. I felt the warmth of the sun as the shadows of leaves danced upon my hand. A rustling of leaves and a sense of presence made me open my eyes. A small bird sat upon my sleeve fearlessly twisting it's head with curiosity. It flew from my arm and dove into the water, disappearing from sight. Suddenly a flower floated to the surface and the air was filled with its fragrance. The smell of the flower brought forth memories and triggered visions of my past. From the end of the stream a flying fish leaped from the water and flew to the next stream.

I was reminded of just how quickly our lives change and how little we really control it. I thought about what my life would be like if I had not seen the flying fish.