Whispers in the Clouds (01/17/2001)

Diving for cover I embrace the dampened ground wanting to vanish into her breast

Petrified with fear I cover my mouth from the pain when I landed on my chest

Men whom I have bonded with now falling like trees being clear cut in front of my eyes

Bullets gliding through their bodies like thin paper dolls in a dance of final demise

Deafening sounds of war give way to long silence so soft and almost sane

The fog of gunfire begins to lift reveling the spoils of this political game

"He's gone" says a voice as if in a tunnel and I smile but keep it inside

Then the hot rays of the sunlight turn cold on my chest as I stare at the blood on my side

Each breath becomes shorter, and my sight closes in, as I try to scream out loud

No sounds of voices or bullets any more, only the whispers of wind in the clouds.